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Hi, Hello…


What do you get when you combine 30 seasoned and committed Facilitators with four Master Integral Coaches, a few psychologists, and an energy worker; on top of seven years of on-the-ground workshopping experience in 30+ countries, with lifetimes of spiritual exploration and stellar entrepreneurship in the personal development space?


You get…



Tools + support for shifting from reactive to reflective living


Teaching tools for resilience + reflective living to empower the people you serve. For coaches, counsellors, team builders, teachers, wellness professionals, and idealists of all kinds… 


The curriculum gives you 30+ exercises, workshop outlines + business support for your work in the world. 


Exercises like: Holding Polarization, How To Choose Loving Thoughts, Reflecting Responsibility, The Relationship Releasing Visualization. All of the practices are built on the premise that a heart centered life is a reflective life. When we live more reflectively, we behave less reactively. 


We have 350+ Facilitators, in 24+ Countries, offering hundreds of workshops, programs, and one-on-one sessions. There’s been healing, rejuvenation, and prosperity. If you come to join us, you’ll immediately notice how supportive and caring everyone is.


The world needs to be having heart centered conversations. And the people facilitating those conversations need support.


The intelligence of love is the medicine of these times. Please step forward if you’d like to join us in the healing work… unified. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IS HERE.


To awakening hearts everywhere.


With All My Love + Support,


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