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Praise & Gratitude

Thank you to those who so generously share
such kind words. You have my deepest gratitude. 

My coaching sessions with Angie focused on what I wanted for my future. As an at home mom I was unsure of what path to take as I moved back into the work force. Her coaching techniques enabled me to strip away all of my insecurities and doubts which made it possible for me to realize my true desires for my life. We set clear goals and why's of what I wanted to achieve. Angie took the time to listen and really focus in on what I was needing each session. I am hitting my one year mark from starting my own business as an independent consultant. In this time I have realized my dreams of working for a company that is authentic and values me as a leader. I have built a team of 4 consultants under me and grown my business while creating relationships with my customers. Next month I will promote to Director which is on schedule with my goals that I set with Angie. This success has allowed me to contribute to my family financially, continue to be an active part in my children's lives and feel fulfilled in my career. I attribute a great deal of my success to the coaching calls I participated in with Angie.



I began this journey because I felt lost. I didn't like myself and I felt kind of hopeless. I was hoping to relearn how to like myself again, improve my attitude and achieve getting employed again in a job that I liked. I feel that Angie helped me achieve those goals and a whole lot more. She truly helped me get back to who I fact, an improved version of who I was.



I'd like to begin the day with a note of deep thanks. Angie is great! I got SO much from working with her in an hour and am waking up thrilled to be en route, and what's more, enjoying the path! Angie is a fantastic person and perfectly suited for coaching... She has the ability to jump in and be right where I am, understand what's motivating me and hold the space for it to mature into words and feeling.  She has a gift.



I first met Angie Krenz through a family member when I started to have some difficulties figuring out how I wanted to change and progress through my life. She was very eager to get to know me; she listened to my story, all of my worries and doubts, and helped to lay out a plan for my future. She brought forward different viewpoints, new outlooks, and an elaborate knowledge of human psychology that was unlike anything I had previously encountered.


Her focus, despite how the conversations veered, was always centered on my future and calming my fears. Angie's caring and optimistic nature was a welcome feeling during my moments of doubt. By the end of the sessions together, I had a clear understanding of how I felt about my situation. Angie never imposed her own thoughts, or pressured me into making decisions I wasn't comfortable making. Her main priority was making me feel comfortable with not knowing and giving me an excellent framework as to how to make decisions down the road. Angie painted a clear picture of my life in a perspective I had never imagined before. As profound as her work with me was, looking back, she gave me all the power; although her ideas helped steer the discussion, she gave me all the tools I didn't even know I needed to allow me to make the decisions I had been wrestling with.


Angie's work is near phenomenal, and it is clear she is quite passionate about what she does. If it wasn't for her I would still be stuck, unable to paint a clear picture of my life and the decisions I had to make to get me to where I wanted to be. Her kind actions and words have helped me, as I am now making my dreams and goals come true. She helped me come to terms with my priorities and what I wanted to accomplish, giving me tips on how to handle all the stress and confusion of life. I can't thank her enough for how much she has impacted my life for the greater good. I have never met someone as kind-hearted, genuine, strong, and down to earth as Angie. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone experienceing life troubles or who just needs to figure out how to handle life's situations. 



In the past 50 years I have attended personal growth &/or religious retreats almost annually. The retreat for DESIRE MAPPING was one of the most profound, life changing weekends I have ever personally experienced.



You have a talent for guiding people to new understanding. There were times you could have made statements about what you thought, but instead you used questions to guide me to build my own truths through the process. When I talk to you it is a judgement free zone. I never had to worry about what you would say or whether I should share...Positive, honest, empowering, trustworthy.


Thank you for a weekend I didn't know how much I needed. It's my first step in being more open with women after carrying around reasons not to trust...